Winter and Respiratory Infections in Children

If you're the parent of young children, the phrase "Winter is coming!" is almost as dreaded as it is on the television show Game of Thrones. True, you don't have to worry about sudden attacks by zombie armies, but you do have to be concerned about your infants and young kids being exposed to more than the usual number of health risks. Not all of these risks will require a visit to your normal Pediatrician or to a Pediatric Urgent Care center, but it's good to be aware that there is a higher likelihood of respiratory illness during the Winter than at other times of the year.

Comprehensive Continuity of Care – Pediatric Urgent Care and Primary Care Pediatrician

Parents' first reaction to the appearance of a new clinic in their area that provides "after hours" urgent care for children and thus an alternative to inconvenient (and often very expensive) visits to the nearest Emergency Room is usually one of relief. "Finally," they say. "Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?"

Ear Wax Guidelines

The primary purpose of this guideline is to help clinicians identify patients with cerumen impaction who may benefit from intervention and to promote evidence-based management. Another purpose of the guideline is to highlight needs and management options in special populations or in patients who have modifying factors. The guideline is intend- ed for all clinicians who are likely to diagnose and manage patients with cerumen impaction, and it applies to any setting in which cerumen impaction would be identified, monitored, or managed. The guideline does not apply to patients with cerumen impaction associated with the following conditions: dermatologic diseases of the ear canal; recurrent otitis extrena; keratosis obturans; prior radiation therapy affecting the ear; previous tympanoplasty/myringoplasty, canal wall down mastoidectomy, or other surgery affecting the ear canal.

Early Education

High-quality early education and child care for young children improves their health and promotes their development and learning. Early education includes all of a child’s experiences at home, in child care, and in other preschool settings. Pediatricians have a role in promoting access to quality early education and child care beginning at birth for all children. The American Academy of Pediatrics affords pediatricians the opportunity to promote the educational and socioemotional needs of young children with other advocacy groups.