From classroom holiday parties to family trips, the winter season brings a number of fun activities for your children to enjoy. Coming down with a cold or even the flu? Not so much! Every child is susceptible to wintertime illness, with those under the age of five being especially susceptible, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It’s important for every parent/guardian to take the necessary steps to protect their kids and keep them healthy all winter long.

 With flu season entering its peak, it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether your child is exhibiting flu symptoms or may just have a common cold. Here are some of the ways you can distinguish between the two and get your children the care they need:


One of the main differences between a cold and the flu is timing. A cold typically develops over time, starting with a runny nose one day and leading into increased congestion and drainage the next. Flu cases differ in that symptoms appear much more abruptly and often without warning.

Fever & Chills

Moderate to high-grade fevers are a typical sign of the flu. These fevers are much more intense than low-grade fevers that someone with a cold may experience and are typically accompanied by chills. If your child is running a fever but still feels cold, they may likely have a case of the flu.


Coughing and chest discomfort are common symptoms for both illnesses, but colds typically bring about a great level of congestion and drainage. Persistent sneezing, stuffy nose and sore throat are much more likely to occur with a cold and can be counteracted with most decongestant medications.

Body Aches & Fatigue

A sudden change in your child’s behavior is a clear sign they may have the flu. Body aches, fatigue and an overall lack of energy are common symptoms that are often easy to detect. If your child goes from running around the playground in the afternoon to feeling sick that same night, it’s time to take a trip to the doctor.  

No matter if it’s a common cold or a case of the flu, any illness can be a damper on your child’s day. Our team at Urgent Care for Children is equipped with the resources to provide a proper diagnosis and get your children the urgent pediatric care they need.  From cold to flu, we have you covered.

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